Become a Trustee

Would you consider becoming a Trustee for Crossroads Care South Central?

The following information outlines what is involved in becoming a Trustee.

The CEO would also like to meet a potential trustee with one other Board member so that they can get to know a little bit about you. This meeting forms part of the formal process of consideration and, following our meeting, a report will be sent to all Board Members with a proposal relating to you joining the Board.

Presuming that this is a positive recommendation you will be invited to join a Board meeting as an observer and, at the next meeting a formal proposal will be tabled relating to you joining the Board.

After this time a full Induction Process will be put into place that will require you to spend the equivalent of one full day with the Chief Executive and his team in order for you to begin to understand the organisation and how it functions.

The Trustees  hold 4 full Board meetings per year, currently on a Thursday evening from approximately 6.00 pm, usually in January, March, June and October, which is normally our AGM too. We have one full day Trustee Away Day in February of each year, as part of the Board training and development process and to consider the Strategic Plan and potential financial implications for the coming year.

We occasionally have to hold additional meetings if issues requiring full Board approval occur.

In March each year we also hold a Celebration Event in the early evening, which has proved to be a great opportunity for Trustees to meet staff and to talk about the work we do.

Whilst we recognise that attending every meeting and event may prove difficult we do expect Board members to attend 75% of formal Board Meetings, including the Away Day. We do this because we take our Governance responsibilities very seriously and want to effectively support the day to day management of the organisation through the Chief Executive.

The Trustees would advise that it is our policy that all volunteers, including Trustees, are required to under go a Criminal Records Bureau check. This will include you supplying the Trustees with some verification documents and completing a form. The Trustees would be grateful if you would confirm that you agreeable to undertaking a CRB check and, if so, we  will arrange for our Chief Executive to contact you and agree a process, time and date for this to happen.

Please contact our Chief Executive on 01903 790270 to arrange a meeting or to discuss any queries you may have if you are still interested in joining our Board.